Laboratory of Advanced Food Technology & 3D Printing

Laboratory of Advanced Food Technology & 3D Printing
Aiming at developing a new generation of functional foods; designing a fast testing method for food safety; providing strong technical support for the diagnosis and treatment; sustainable solutions for regenerative medicine and drug screening, the laboratory pays special attentions to advanced food manufacturing technology, healthy food research and development, bio-manufacturing devices in regenerative medicine and three-dimensional cell culture. In addition, the laboratory strives to develop scientific research platforms, and actively collaborates with Chinese academia, industries and government to establish an innovation system by integrating basic research, key technologies and enterprises.
The lab is designed and constructed according to international standards with 1000 square metre research space and over metre, RMB 20 million infrastructure investments. The lab is led by 7 top investigators, who hold PhD degrees from renowned universities, and have strong expertise and high reputation in their fields. The projects of the laboratory are funded by both government agencies and industry partners.

Investigators(in alphabetical order)

Research Interests and Programmes

1. Smart Food Processing and Engineering

(1) Food Engineering and Food Processing
(2) Food Process Systems Engineering
(3) Food Processes that Involve Special Functional Components

2. Food Bioactive Constituents Research

(1) High-throughput Screening Guided Isolation of Bioactive Compounds
(2) Fluorescent Probe Synthesis: Analysis of Anti-free Radical Activity
(3) Yin Yang Balance: Oxidation Antioxidation

3. Food Microbiology and Safety

(1) Development of Intervention Technology
(2) Development of Rapid Detection Method
(3) Analysis of Microbiological Quality of Foods
(4) Characterization of Bacterial Behavior

4. Flavour and Fermentation

(1) Food Bioscience: probiotics, bioprotection and yeast physiology
(2) Flavour Science: citrus flavour, coffee flavour and bioflavour
(3) Fruit Wine Fermentation: papaya, mango, durian, lychee and grape wine

5. Postharvest Processing lmpacts Flesh Polysaccharide Crosslinking and Degradation of Organic Cherries
6. Near Infrared Molecular and Nano Scale Probes for Detection and Bioimaging of Singlet Oxygen
7. Bio-ink Preparation

(1) Bioactive & Antibacterial
(2) Bio-ink Synthesis

8. Structure, Fabrication & Performance

(1) Coating Structure, Fabrication & Performance
(2) Scaffolding Structure, Fabrication & Performance
(3) Hybrid Fabrication System
(4) Biomimetic Device fabrication

9. Technology Development & Commercialization

(1) 3D Food Printer
(2) Biofabrication System

10. Fabrication of 3D Multi-Material Functional Coating via Micro-dispensing System
11. 3D Micro/Nano-scaffold Fabrication using Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing System
12. Controllable Fabrication of Porous Bio-material Scaffolds Based on Extrusion Deposition