HUANG Dejian

HUANG Dejian

HUANG Dejian

Chief Principal Investigator
Educational Qualifications

1983-1987 Department of Chemistry, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, China, B.S.

1987-1990 Department of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, China, M.S.

1994-1999 Department of Chemistry, Indiana University Bloomington, USA, Ph.D.

Work Experience

2022-Present, National University of Singapore, Professor

2010-2022, National University of Singapore, Associate Professor

2020-2020, Technical University of Munich, Visiting professor

2014-2015, Food Science and Technology Programme, National University of Singapore, Acting Director

2013-Present, National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI), Senior Investigator

2011-2011, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Visiting Scholar

2009-2010, Food Science and Technology Programme, National University of Singapore, Acting Director

2004-2009, National University of Singapore, Assistant Professor

2001-2004, Brunswick Laboratories, Principal Research Scientist

1999-2001, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Postdoctoral Associate

1990-1994, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry (China), Research Associate

Research Interests  

1. Anti-aging medicine, bioactive constituents in edible plants, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary antioxidants and oxidative stress, functional foods for controlling hyperglycemia

2. Luminescent molecular and nanoprobes for detection of small molecules (NO, NO2, H2S, ClO–, etc) of biological importance

3. High throughput screening methodology development

Honor & Award

1. Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher (ranking among the top 1% of researchers for most cited documents in Agricultural Sciences) 2014 and 2015.

2. Outstanding Chemist Award 2018, Department of Chemistry, NUS.

Representative Publications         

[1] Lu Y, Wang X, Pu H, Lin Y, Li D, Liu SQ, Huang D. 2020. “Moringin and Its Structural Analogues as Slow H2S Donors: Their Mechanisms and Bioactivity”. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. 68(27):7235-7245.

[2] Zhou F, Guo J, Han X, Gao Y, Chen Q, Huang W, Zhan J, Huang D, You Y. 2020. “Cranberry Polyphenolic Extract Exhibits an Antiobesity Effect on High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice through Increased Thermogenesis”. The Journal of Nutrition. 150(8):2131-2138.

[3] Zhang Y, Yang X, Tang H, Liang D, Wu J, Huang D. 2020. “Pyrenediones as versatile photocatalysts for oxygenation reactions with: In situ generation of hydrogen peroxide under visible light”. Green Chemistry. 22(1):22-27.

[4] Lin Y, Yang X, Lu Y, Liang D, Huang D. 2019. “Isothiocyanates as H2S Donors Triggered by Cysteine: Reaction Mechanism and Structure and Activity Relationship”. Organic Letters. 21(15):5977-5980.

[5] Yang X, Wang T, Guo J, Sun M, Wong MW, Huang D. 2019. “Dietary Flavonoids Scavenge Hypochlorous Acid via Chlorination on A- and C-Rings as Primary Reaction Sites: Structure and Reactivity Relationship”. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. 67(15):4346-4354.

[6] Sun M, Yang X, Zhang Y, Wang S, Wong MW, Ni R, Huang D. 2019. “Rapid and Visual Detection and Quantitation of Ethylene Released from Ripening Fruits: The New Use of Grubbs Catalyst”. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. 67(1):507-513.

[7] Liang D, Zhang Y, Wu Z, Chen YJ, Yang X, Sun M, Ni R, Bian J, Huang D. 2018. “A near infrared singlet oxygen probe and its applications in in vivo imaging and measurement of singlet oxygen quenching activity of flavonoids”. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical. 266:645-654.

[8] Jing L, Wang X, Liu H, Lu Y, Bian J, Sun J, Huang D. 2018. “Zein Increases the Cytoaffinity and Biodegradability of Scaffolds 3D-Printed with Zein and Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) Composite Ink”. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 10(22):18551-18559.

[9] Lehnhardt F, Liang D, Chen Q, Tocmo R, Rychlik M, Huang D. 2017. “Effects of S-allyl glutathione disulphide and vinyl-dithiin isomers from garlic on the chronological lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Functional Foods. 37:650-657.

[10] Liang D, Bian J, Deng L-W, Huang D. 2017. “Cyclic polysulphide 1,2,4-trithiolane from stinky bean (Parkia speciosa seeds) is a slow releasing hydrogen sulphide (H2S) donor”. Journal of Functional Foods. 35:197-204.

[11] Tocmo R, Liang D, Lin Y, Huang D. 2015. “Chemical and Biochemical Mechanisms Underlying the Cardioprotective Roles of Dietary Organopolysulfides”. Frontiers in Nutrition. 2.

[12] Yan Y, Krishnakumar S, Yu H, Ramishetti S, Deng L-W, Wang S, Huang L, Huang D. 2013. “Nickel(II) Dithiocarbamate Complexes Containing Sulforhodamine B as Fluorescent Probes for Selective Detection of Nitrogen Dioxide”. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 135(14):5312-5315.

[13] Quek Y-L, Tan C-H, Bian J, Huang D. 2011. “Air Oxidation of HS- Catalyzed by An Mixed-Valence Diruthenium Complex, an Near-IR Probe for HS- Detection”. Inorganic Chemistry. 50(16):7379-7381.

Academic Posts

Editorial Board membership:
1. 2018-2020, Journal of Functional Foods, Associate Editor
2. 2014-Present, Frontiers in Nutrition ׀ Food Chemistry Section, Loop Research Network, Associate editor
3. 2018 , “Dietary antioxidants and Health Promotion” for Antioxidants MDPI, Special issue editor
4. 2016-Present, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, (IF 1.288, 2018), Editorial member

Professional Services and memberships:
1. 2015-2017, Advisory Committee member on evaluation of health claims, Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore
2. 2008-Present, American Chemical Society
3. 2007-2015, Council member, Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology
4. 2002-2004, Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society
5. 2002-2004, Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine
6. 1995-2002, American Chemical Society

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