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BLOCK71 Suzhou

BLOCK71 Suzhou aims to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem and build bridges for business development in China and beyond. Managed by NUS Enterprise, it operates in two locations, made possible by partnership with NUS Research Institute (NUSRI) and Ascendas-Singbridge respectively.

The first location BLOCK71 Suzhou壹 in partnership with NUSRI serves over 30 tech-based start-ups comprising a mixture of Singaporean and Chinese start-ups in the deep tech domain.

The second location BLOCK71 Suzhou 贰 in partnership with NUSRI and Ascendas-Singbridge, extends and expands the community with new space to continue the vibrancy of the ecosystem. It further fuels and facilitates collaboration between research and industry partners, professional services agencies, government/quasi-government agencies, investors and start-ups to continue promoting innovation and technopreneurship through the exchange of technical expertise and talent in the fields of AI, robotics, biotechnology, cloud computing and smart devices.

Strategically located within the Suzhou Industrial Technology Park, Singapore tech companies exploring business opportunities in China can leverage these facilities to better understand the China market, ‘set up shop’ and expand their networks into the tech community. China-based entrepreneurs, companies and investors can find out more about Singapore, Southeast Asian and international markets through our events and activities.

NUS Enterprise and NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute will provide expertise and resources in research, education, technology translation and commercialization as well as comprehensive support services and access to NUS Enterprise’s global network of resources and technology and corporate contacts.

Ascendas-Singbridge will provide companies setting up in Suzhou with high quality office facilities and environment and at the same time assist the operations of the projects through its enterprise network and resources.
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