IP Mentors

Emily Shu
Senior Director of Patents, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. Board Member of China IC IP. Before returnin...Read more

Dr. Ashley J. Stevens
Director of Focus IP, former chairman of the north American association of technology managers (AUTM). Professor Ashely ...Read more

Industry Mentors

Kelvin LEE
Graduated from Singapore NTU, General Aviation in Singapore (GE Aviation, Singapore), MTU Asia pte LTD, an excellent eng...Read more

Tan Chow Khong
Tan Chow Khong, Corporate VP of Operations, AMD and Managing Director of AMD Technologies (China) Co., Ltd (AMD Suzhou),...Read more

HR&Management Mentor

Laurence Lau
Management, Marketing & Sales, International Business Operations, Information/ Knowledge Management and Organization Dev...Read more

Investor Mentors

Lee Chin Tuck
More than 20 years of experience in the field of biomedical investment, of which a project has received 13 times investm...Read more

Studied in the department of statistics of NUS and assisted in financial mathematics, which generated a strong interest ...Read more

Wayne LI
Deputy general manager of Xinjiang Baihua village Co., Ltd., listed in Shanghai A-share listed company, is A member of t...Read more

R&D Mentors

Zhang Huajun
President of Singapore innovation and entrepreneurship society. Vice President of Singapore e-commerce association. Advi...Read more

Li Qiushi
Dr. Li Qiushi is the China head of operations in InvitroCue Pte. Ltd.. Dr. Li undertakes a key role in the establishment...Read more