Laboratory of Energy & Environment Interface Engineering

Laboratory of Energy & Environment Interface Engineering
The long-term aim of Laboratory of Energy & Environment Interface Engineering is to pursue research excellence and technology advancement in the areas of interface engineered materials and devices for energy and environmental issues. The current objectives emphasize on novel interfacial nanocomposites, high-performance catalysts, organic opto-electronics, new energy materials and devices, feasible solutions to the environmental deteriorating problems.

The laboratory is led by 7 top investigators who are internationally renowned and experts in their fields, covering physical chemistry, materials science and engineering etc. The equipment of the laboratory is considered to be world-class. Furthermore, we leverage on the core facilities of the NUSRI Testing and Analysis Service Platform and the Surface and Interface Laboratory of NUS for materials characterisation and measurements.

Investigators(in alphabetical order)

Research Interests and Programmes

1. Synthesis, Preparation & Properties of Catalysts

(1) Synthesis of Novel & High-efficient Catalysts
(2) Catalytic Reaction & Photochemistry

2. Structure & Properties of Molecular-scale Interface

(1) High Temperature & High Pressure Dynamic Processes
(2) Molecular Scale Catalytic Reaction
(3) Information Storage Based on Organic Semiconductor
(4) Organic Light Emitting Diode Interface

3. Technology Development & Commercialization

(1) Application of Interfacial Composites
(2) Renewable Energy & Environmental Protection

4. Removal of Micro-algaes from Reservoirs, Lakes and Ponds
5. Interface Engineered Nanomaterials for Environmental Research: Photocatalytic Decontamination & Water Splitting
6. Design of Portable Formaldehyde Sensor
7. CO2 Conversion and Utilization