China-Singapore collaboration on AI: Establishment of AI Centre in Suzhou

The Opening Ceremony of National University of Singapore (NUS) Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Commercialisation Centre was held on 25th Sep 2018.

The event was officiated by Mr. Lin Xiaoming1, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC); Mr. Xu Wenqing, Director of Bureau of SIP Science, Technology and Informatics; and Mr. Jiang Weiming2, Director of SIP Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District Administrative Committee.

NUS and SIPAC signed an official agreement on 15th Dec 2017 to establish The NUS AI Innovation and Commercialisation Centre.  This AI centre would be housed in  NUSRI at Suzhou.  It will be led by Professor Ooi Beng Chin, Director of Smart System Institute at the National University of Singapore (SSI@NUS) and Associate Professor Ng Teck Khim, Deputy Director of SSI@NUS.  The AI centre will bring together a multidisciplinary team of scholars and experts from SSI@NUS, NUS School of Computing, NUS Faculty of Engineering, and other schools and faculties in NUS to promote innovation in AI-based technologies in various areas including health care and fintech.  The AI centre will also help to promote AI technology translation to industry use and expedite the process of global market penetration.

The launch ceremony was officiated by Mr. Lin Xiaoming, Mr. Xu Wenqing, Mr. Jiang Weiming, Professor Ooi Beng Chin, Dr. Xie Xianning (Associate Director of NUSRI), and Associate Professor Ng Teck Khim. Influential scholars, professionals, and industry partners from over 50 leading technology firms were attracted to participate in this event. The AI centre is committed to provide AI as a Service to support industries in cutting-edge technology adoption and innovative solutioning. It will also incubate startup companies.  The overall aim is to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable AI ecosystem for technology transformation in Suzhou and beyond.

Alongside with the launch, a workshop with the theme “China-Singapore Artificial Intelligence” was held to bring together thought-leaders to share their insights on some of the disruptive technologies. The workshop comprised keynote speeches and a panel discussion. Professor Shen Hengtao, Special Expert of China’s Thousand Talents Scheme, and Dean of Faculty of Computing Science and Engineering at the University of Electronic and Technology of China made a keynote speech on “Understanding and Retrieval of Cross-media Intelligence”; Assistant Professor Wang Zixiao from School of Computing at NUS made a keynote speech on “Frontier Technology and Application of Blockchain”. During the panel discussion session, Professor Ooi Beng Chin, Associate Professor Ng Teck Khim, Professor Shen Hengtao, and Mr. Hu Yang of PatSnap engaged in discussions on the prospects of AI technology. 

As a flagship programme between China and Singapore, SIP has achieved remarkable milestones over the past twenty-four years. Notably, NUSRI being the lynchpin of the bilateral cooperation has hitherto incubated over fifty start-ups since its inception in 2010. Mr Lin noted in his address that the launch of NUS AI Innovation and Commercialisation Centre would further promote the collaboration and development on science and technology between China and Singapore. It would also provide more Singapore and International tech start-ups a viable launchpad into the Chinese market.” Professor Ooi Beng Chin highlighted that a widespread use of AI technology has yet to be achieved. The AI centre will pursue research and development of the many possible applications of AI in various fields to benefit every aspect of our lives.

1. Mr. Lin Xiaoming, Committee Member of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) CPC Working Committee, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC), and Head of the Organisation Department at SIPAC
2. Mr. Jiang Weiming, Deputy Secretary of SIP Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District CPC Working Committee, and Director of SIP Dushu Lake Science     and Education Innovation District Administrative Committee