The team led by Professor Guo Yongxin won the Best Paper award

A team led by Professor Guo Yongxin, Senior Investigator and Director of Centre of Advanced Microelectronic Devices of NUSRI, won the best paper award at the fifth IEEE MTT-S International Wireless Symposium (IEEE IWS'2018). 

As a part of 2018 China Microwave Week (CMW'2018), IEEE IWS'2018 was held at Chengdu on 6th to 10th May 2018 to provide an international forum for presentation and exchange of the latest technical achievements and developments in components, circuits and systems related to existing and emerging wireless technologies. The symposium also focuses on the convergence of MHz to THz technologies for 5G and beyond. Over 1000 participants attended the grand event.  

The results from the paper is “A Dimension-Reduced Artificial Neural Network (DRANN) for the Compact Modeling of Semiconductor Devices” was found to effectively avoid the overfitting problem even with few datasets for training. This concept is considered to be applied in 5G communication, pilotless industry, IOT, and smart cities.