Fresh start, big dreams | Opening ceremony of “3+1+1” Programme for the Class of 2018 was held at NUSRI

On 3 September 2018, the Opening Ceremony of “3+1+1” Programme of Class of 2018 was held at NUSRI. It was attended by Mr. Liew Seow Ngow, Deputy Director of NUSRI; Professor Zhou Zhiying, Associate Director of NUSRI; Dr. Xie Xianning, Associate Director of NUSRI; Mr. Hui Kowk Leong, Associate Director of NUSRI ; Mr. Zhang Peng, Assistant Director of NUSRI; Ms. Xu Qingji, Assistant Director of NUSRI; and Ms. Wang Jia, Manager of Director’s Office. Professor Nhan Phan-Thien, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS; Professor Khoo Boo Cheong, Director of Temasek Laboratories, NUS; Associate Professor Lee Heow Pueh, Deputy Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS; and academic teachers Mr. Winston and Ms. Sonia.

114 students majoring in Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Food Science, and Chemistry have just started their new academic term at NUSRI. Mr. Liew Seow Ngow made an opening address and warmly welcomed the students. Professor Zhou Zhiying expressed his expectations to the new students and emphasized on the importance of safety. 

The “3+1+1” Programme and “3+1+1 pre-master” Programme are jointly initiated by the National University of Singapore, National University of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute, and Chinese partner universities. It is a five-year study programme which includes three years of undergraduate study at partner universities in China, one year of bridging course at NUSRI, and one year of postgraduate study at NUS. Students who have met all the academic requirements, will be awarded the B.Sc. degree from partner universities and the M.Sc. degree from NUS. To date, 24 graduates of Class of 2016 have successfully obtained their master degree, among which, 19 of them have been working in leading companies and universities such as Facebook, Micron, NTU, Huawei, and JD. The second batch of 48 students of the Class of 2017 has been admitted into NUS master programmes, among which, one has secured a Full-time Scholarship from Hong Kong University.