NUS-SJTU Joint Research Centre on Environment and Water

NUS-SJTU Joint Research Centre on Environment and Water
This Centre will be jointly managed by NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI) and SJTU School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE). Our vision is to establish a centre carrying outuser-oriented research. The main objective is to lead a multi-disciplinary environment centre that gather researchers from NUS and SJTU to conduct multi-disciplinary translational research and partner is some strategic initiatives of mutual interest. We plan to actively integrate resources and expertise from the China Ministry of Water Resources, Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau, IHLs and water-related industries from both countries.

Investigators(in alphabetical order)

Research Interests and Programmes

1.Water Pollution Control:

(1) Algal Bloom
(2) Wastewater Reducing and Treatment Reusing
(3) Focusing on Monitoring, Treatment and Recycling of Newly Emerging Compounds (such as Antibiotics) in the Environment and Water
(4) Application of Nanomaterials in the Environment and Water

2. Expertise and Industrial Transformation: synergizing with relevant industries, governmental agencies and research institutes to have a much bigger impact in the Yangtze Delta and Taihu.
3. Public Service: professional knowledge training on water pollution control technology
4. E2S2 - Energy and Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities