Research Centre of Interactive Media

Research Centre of Interactive Media
The research encompasses advanced technologies such as mixed reality, 3-dimensional communication tools and online-social media. The research outcomes will have direct applications in games and networked virtual environments, online commerce, and unified communication.

The centre is led by 3 leading personnel. All of them have international vision and enjoy the reputation of the experts and scholars at home and abroad. Several research projects are jointed with local and international renowned universities and companies, aiming at promoting the R&D and industrialization of interactive multimedia technology.

Investigators(in alphabetical order)

Research Interests and Programmes

1. Industry Development

(1) Advanced Multimedia Technology
(2) Electronic Commerce
(3) Social Media

2 Technical Breakthrough

(1) Detection Technical of Computer Vision
(2) Web Publishing Technical for 3D Content
(3) Advanced Real-time Rendering Technology
(4) Highly Extensible Web Platform
(5) Peer-to-Peer Immersive Media Streaming

3. Public Service

(1) Software Development Kit (2) 3D Real-time Interactive Platform

4. A Study on the Application of Volunteered Geo-crowdsourcing Videos in Smart Urban Management
5. Block-sparse RPCA for Foreground Detection in Video Surveillance
6. Development of Mixed Reality
7. GameTalk: voice communication for games, networked virtual environments and social networking sites
8. The Study of Video Co-segmentation
9. Transforming Online Commerce through Social Media