Senior Investigator

Educational Qualifications 

BSc, Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, Switzerland, Informatik Ingenieur (1986)

MSc, University of Southern California, Computer Science (1994)
PhD, University of Southern California, Computer Science (1998)

Research Interests            

Streaming media architectures, peer-to-peer systems, mobile video, immersive environments, collaborative large-scale group communications, real-time communications, networked musical performances, spatial and temporal information management, mobile location-based services, storage systems, scalable and reliable systems.    

Representative Publications            

1. B. Seo and R. Zimmermann, “Quantitative Analysis of Visibility Determinations for Networked Virtual Environments.” Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (JVCI), 2012.
2. K. Liang and R. Zimmermann, “IDM: An Indirect Dissemination Mechanism for Spatial Audio Interaction in Networked Virtual Environments,” IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 2012.
3. Z. Shen, S. Arslan Ay, S. H. Kim, and R. Zimmermann, “Automatic Tag Generation and Ranking for Sensor-rich Outdoor Videos,” ACM Multimedia 2011 conference, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 28 November-1 December 2011.
4. K. Liang, R. Zimmermann, and W.-T. Ooi, “Peer-Assisted Texture Streaming in Metaverses,” ACM Multimedia 2011 conference, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 28 November-1 December 2011.
5. Z. Shen, J. Luo, R. Zimmermann, and A. Vasilakos, “Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming: Insights and New Developments,” Proceedings of the IEEE journal, 2011.
6. Z. Shen and R. Zimmermann, “ISP-Friendly P2P Live Streaming: A Roadmap to Realization,” ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications (TOMCCAP), 2011.

Patents (see  )

7. “Multi-Threshold Smoothing;” US Utility Patent No. 6,910,079 issued on 21 June 2005 (co-inventors Cyrus Shahabi and Kun Fu).
8. “Pseudorandom Data Storage” (SCADDAR); US Utility Patent No. 7,096,328 issued on 22 August 2006 (co-inventors Shu-Yuen Dean Yao and Cyrus Shahabi).
9. “Audio Chat System based on Peer-to-Peer Architecture;” US Utility Patent No. 7,577,110 issued on 18 August 2009 (co-inventors Leslie S. Liu, Beomjoo Seo, and Kemal Oral Cansizlar).
10. “Statistical based Admission Control Technique using Three Random Variable Admission Control;” US Utility Patent No. 7,584,324 issued on 1 September 2009 (co-inventor Kun Fu).
11. “Continuous Media System;” U.S. Utility Patent No. 7,742,504 issued on 22 June 2010 (co-inventors Cyrus Shahabi, Kun Fu, and Shu-Yuen Dean Yao).

Full list available electronically at  

Other Investigators

JIANG Zhenhui
JIANG Zhenhui

Principal Investigator
ZHOU Zhiying
ZHOU Zhiying

Senior Investigator