China Immersion Programme for Overseas Students

Bringing hottest topics in China, developing global talents with comprehensive mindset

As a platform for cross-cultural interaction and communication, NUSRI offers China Immersion Programmes for international students. As China evolves into a global economic superpower, students will be able to benefit from the first-hand experience and gain a deeper insight into the business operations and culture of the East.

Since the inception of NUSRI in 2010, it has successfully organised more than 50 cultural immersion programmes for participants to understand and learn about China’s past, present and future. These programmes range from a short few days to 4 weeks. Thousands of students and teachers from all over the world have attended our programmes with positive feedbacks.

Types of programmes offered by NUSRI:
1.Regular China Immersion Programmes during the summer (May-August) and winter (December-January) vacations
2.Customised Programmes for universities (topics including business, culture, entrepreneurship, science and technology etc.)

Academic Lectures

NUSRI brings together dedicated instructors and facilitators from the various faculties in NUS to provide students with intellectually stimulating academic courses. NUSRI also works closely with local universities to offer courses on the Chinese language, culture, history, geography as well as China’s economic development. Courses are interactive and relevant to ongoing issues. Lectures and interaction with local students provide participants with a platform to exchange cultural ideas and share about their student life.

Cultural Immersion

China emerged as one of the world’s earliest civilisations. Field trips to major cities of China are integrated into the programme to help foreign students better appreciate Chinese history and culture. Besides, various masters are invited to conduct lessons in the different forms of art, such as Chinese calligraphy, tea appreciation, bonsai art, Chinese knot making, paper cutting, tai chi, martial arts, fan painting, etc.

Industrial Learning

As the world’s second largest economy, China has recorded stunning economic growth in recent decades. Visits to companies provide participants with an insight into the day to day operations and working culture in China. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact directly with the founders or top management of companies.
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