BLOCK71 Suzhou Events

18 March 2019

Workshop on market trends and recent main tax incentives

Understand the trend of enterprise development environment and interpret the recent major tax policies.
26 February 2019

BLOCK71 Suzhou 贰 Open Day

We sincerely invite you to visit the BLOCK71 Suzhou 贰 to enjoy the best discount and numerous activities.
19 February 2019

Tutorial on policy interpretation and guidance of 2019 SIP Pioneer Talent

Interpretation and guidance of 2019 SIP Pioneer Talent, focusing on the latest policies of leading scientific and technological talents in Suzhou Industrial Park, assisting enterprises in project application
23 January 2019

Global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosphere brand BLOCK71 and thebridge cross-border cooperation, to create a world-class incubator operation!

With the official launch ceremony, it also means that the global innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosphere BLOCK71 and thebridge take off into the formal cooperation stage.
19 September 2018

BLOCK71 Suzhou Workshop:Q&A of start-ups' legal issue

What are the basic clauses that should be paid attention to in the terms of the contract? What kind of contract is invalid? ... What legal risks may exist in business operation? How to avoid? ...
15 September 2018

Let's hangout: Tour de Ancient Suzhou City Wall

Aims to relax the body and mind through outdoor activities, enhance the communication among BLOCK71 ecosystem members
7 September 2018

BLOCK71 Suzhou Workshop: How to upgrade tourism product in the era of AI intelligence

How to attract more users? Expand your horizon, to a global tourism exchange...
23 August 2018

BLOCK71 Suzhou+Ericsson ONE: Asia challenge China seminar

Focus on sustainable technological innovation to create a better future Your idea can be about any field,Come up with your own unique business plan!
21 June 2018

SSBA-SSIA 2018(InnovFest Suzhou)yacht conference

Facilitate more communication between technical communities such as Shanghai, Singapore and Suzhou and between SSBA members and non-members