3+1+1 Programme

A joint educational framework collaborated by NUSRI, NUS and Partner Universities to offer students an intellectually rewarding experience, inside and outside the classroom, while nurturing their talents to be competent and resilient in the ever-changing environment.

1. Introduction

“3+1+1” Programme is a joint educational framework collaborated by NUSRI/NUS/Partner Universities. Under the framework, suitable Year 3 candidates with good academic standing from partner universities will be selected to spend a bridging period at NUSRI during their fourth year, i.e. for the first “+1” year. This immersion prepares them both in the aspect of English writing and communication skill as well as specialised knowledge, before they can apply for M.Sc. admission, i.e. for the second “+1” year. The time schedule of the entire framework is depicted as below.

2. Programme Advantages and Features

√ NUS stands as a beacon to institutions not just in Asia but across the world
√ All courses are taught in English which helps students to adapt to international environment quickly
√ Innovation and global vision
√ Opportunity to apply for the NUSRI-affiliated Ph.D programme with full scholarship

3. Certificate

Upon successfully completing the bridging courses at NUSRI, the students will receive a certificate from NUSRI to confirm their attendance of the bridging courses and their B.Sc. degree from home universities.
Upon completing the one-year Master Programme at NUS, if the students meet the minimum CAP for graduation requirement, they will be awarded the master degree from NUS.

4. Requirements

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
√ Meet the minimum CAP requirement for NUS  M.Sc. Admission Standard: Average score≥82.0
√ IELTS≥6.0 or TOEFL≥85

Mechanical Engineering (ME)
√ Meet the minimum CAP requirement for NUS  M.Sc. Admission Standard: Average score≥82.0
√ IELTS≥6.0 or TOEFL≥85

Food Science and Technology (FST)
√ Meet the minimum CAP requirement for NUS  M.Sc. Admission Standard: GPA≥3.75/5.00 or GPA≥3.00/4.00
IELTS≥6.0 or TOEFL≥85

5. Partner Universities

Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing Jiaotong University
Chongqing University
Harbin Institute of Technology
Hunan University
Jiangnan University
Jiangsu University
Jilin University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Nanjing University of Science and Technology
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Shanghai University
Shenzhen University
Soochow University
South China Agricultural University
South China University of Technology
Tianjin University
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Xidian University

6. Processes

Before each “3+1+1” programme year, partner university will nominate its qualified students who have applied for the programme under the joint framework to be interviewed by a panel from NUS and NUSRI. Upon completion of the interview and assessment, the panel will determine whether each nominated student may be admitted to attend the one-year bridging course at NUSRI.

7. Fees

Bridging Period @ NUSRI Master Programme @ NUS
Period Sept to May (following year) Aug to May (following year)
Tuition RMB70,000 Tuition fees for self-funded graduate coursework programmes

8. Application Form

Please fill out the Application Form and submit it to the coordinator in charge of the programme.
Application Form.doc

9. Contacts

Echo Zhang Tel:+86 512 62990061
Yang Ran Tel:+86 512 62990095
Address:No. 377 Linquan Street, Level 2, Block 3, Public Academy, Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 215123.

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