Artificial Intelligence Innovation Commercialisation Centre

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Commercialisation Centre
The Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Commercialisation Centre of our institute mainly engages in research on machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, big data, augmented reality, internet of things and other smart systems related topics. The Centre is committed to the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in big data, health care, financial technology and blockchain etc. The centre is also committed to helping small and medium-sized companies in AI technology, contributing to Suzhou’s AI eco-system.

The multi-disciplinary team is led by Academician Professor Ooi Beng Chin, Director of NUS Smart Systems Institute. The team is formed by experts and scholars from NUS Smart Systems Institute, NUS School of Computing, NUS Faculty of Engineering and other faculties of NUS.

Investigators(in alphabetical order)

Research Interests and Programmes

1. Machine learning: studies on the performance of computer algorithms and program optimization
2. Computer vision: studies on three-dimensional reconstruction and application, picture and video processing, matrix recognition and image understanding
3. Natural language processing: studies on natural language communication, natural language understanding and natural language generation
4. Big data: studies on large scale data mining, data management and data analysis
5. Augmented reality: studies on real-time video display and control, multi-sensor data fusion, real-time tracking and scenario fusion
6. Internet of things: studies on real-time data acquisition and interaction, embedded systems technology
7. SINGA: open source distributed deep learning platform
8. RAFIKI: automated deep learning as a service platform
9. PANDA: a service platform that allows people without artificial intelligence expertise to use artificial intelligence technology
10. FORKBASE: distributed storage system