2017 NUS-NUSRI China Internship Programme (For NUS Undergraduates Only)

Project Introduction
As NUS seeks to be “A Leading Global University Centred in Asia, influencing the future”, it will be important to provide opportunities to expose students to international working environment around Asia. The opportunities provided in China, the biggest Asia economy, are hence, a good internship platform for NUS students seeking to understand and experience the growth stories of China. This project will provide opportunities for 3rd year NUS engineering students to be interned in China companies . Students will spend 24 weeks with the enterprise to exercise their ability to use learnt engineering knowledge by working in real life enterprise environment.

As China-Singapore cooperation is going deeper, Chinese companies’ demand for talents of Singapore is also growing rapidly. NUSRI aims to let our students understand the Chinese society and industry through this project; gain deeper knowledge with the enterprise culture in the real work environment; understand the challenges faced in start-up process so as to inspire and train them to become entrepreneurs in the future. Through this overseas internship program, on the one hand, enterprises can get access to Asian top-class university talents, and on the other hand, we can offer our students a practical platform to develop their international vision, so as to realize a win-win situation for the university and enterprises.

Programme Details
1. 24 weeks long Industrial Attachment (IA), January-June 2017 period.
(*Enhanced IA (eIA) : 24 weeks IA can be further extended with a final year project)
2. Students will intern full-time in the company, and they are to attend Chinese culture, economic,  IP courses, etc one day in every two weeks in NUSRI.
3. NUSRI will be responsible to coordinate work arrangement between company and students, including students' visa and accommodation, and other living cost and learning program in China.
4. Company need to offer students at least RMB2500 yuan per month allowance.
5. Students will also enjoy various support from NUS (up to SGD5,900 for Singapore/PR and up to SGD
6. Company shall undertake to provide least one internship performance assessment for the student, as their final internship result.

Programme involved
Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Design-centric programme, Electrical engineering, Environmental engineering, Material &science engineering, Mechanical engineering

Programme Timeline

Aug-Sep 2016
 1. Companies are invited to submit the internship projects
 2. NUSRI and Faculty members to liaise with companies
Placement Allocation
Oct-Nov 2016
 1. Students apply to 5 companies (with max 2 positions per company)
 2. Interview by companies and final selection by company and student
Internship Commencement

 1. Formation of detailed training programme and weekly work schedule
Jan-June 2017
 2. Assessment on internship
 3. NUSRI and Faculty members to visit companies to assess internship progress
 4. Students give technical presentations

 5. Students can do full-time practice, and take courses one day in every two   weeks in NUSRI

Learning Outcomes

1. To demonstrate professional standards and ethics in the workplace

2. To demonstrate good verbal and written communication

3. To apply engineering concepts in the internship assignment and meet the objectives of the assignment

4. To interpret, analyse, evaluate and synthesize information in the workplace

5. To demonstrate an understanding of the business and career paths in the company

Learning Outcomes and Assessment

1. Good verbal and communication 20%

2. Apply engineering training in the internship assignment 20%

3. Understanding of the business and career paths in company 10%

4. Professional standards and ethics at work 30%

5. Interpret, analyse, evaluate and synthesize information in work 20%

For Student Support Package
For Internship Positions
For application, please email: rsvp.enterprise@nusri.cn