NUSRI IP Academy


Transform China’s Enterprises into high tech businesses as part of government’s drive towards economic transformation into knowledge intensive economy: 

Build up IP management skillset 

Build up IP Tech transfer skillset for Universities, industries and Research Institutions 

Specifically, to develop talents in IP management and technology transfer through workshops, seminars, networking sessions and “train-the-trainer” sessions.

Key Features:

Linkage to international associations  like AUTM on IP Management and Tech Transfer knowhow and training courses 

Localisation to China’s needs through “Train-the-trainer” programme 

Regular workshops on skill training, seminars on latest local and overseas trends in IP management and tech transfer, building up alliances and association of organisations in IP management and Tech Transfer 

Expert mentoring from Singapore and USA on IP Management and Tech Transfer 

Marketplace for China IP exchange and information research 

Formation of Association of IP Management and Tech Transfer practitioners and industries.